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  • The Northern Incident

    A great piece of animation, made using vector based animation, this peace follows a man's trip to his fishing hut upon which the story develops.
    Created by Max Galardi (HotDiggedyDemon), he continues to improve his works up and beyond previous levels.

    A short Love Story

    Created by Carlos Lascano, this piece is one of the most of my favorate pieces of all time, using a wide range of media and clever editing, this piece brings to life a world, full of life.

    A SHORT LOVE STORY IN STOP MOTION from Carlos Lascano on Vimeo.

    Tony vs. Paul

    A stop motion created using people.
    Created by Paul Cummings & Tony Fiandaca. The took 4000 photo's over the period of 2 months to create this simple but epic piece.

    Her Morning Elegance

    Her morning elegance is a great piece created by Oren Lavie, later the style was picked up and used within the amazon kindle adverts.

    UByK - Matryoshka

    Made by Jamie Urman, this is a music video for the band UByK, the stop motion follows the Journey on a Russian doll, trying to rejoin with all its parts.

    For anyone interested there is also a making of the animation.

    YouTube - UByK - "Matryoshka" [official video]: ""


    This unique animation, is the first of its kind filmed with a Nokia N8 CellScope, it films a whole new level, creating this a unique animation.
    The girl herself named dot is only 9mm in height, prepare to see her Journey.

    Created by Sumo Science for Aardman.


    Designed by Bang-yao Liu as part his course, this great piece of stop motion shows an interaction between a person and the post-its as they come alive, inspired by his feelings of trying meet deadlines and complete all he has written on his post-its, he has created a visual stunning piece.

    YouTube - DEADLINE post-it stop motion: ""